21 Fun Things To Do In Brisbane

21 Fun Things To Do In Brisbane - A Complete List

If you’re visiting the sunny capital of Queensland, you’ll be happy to know there is no shortage of fun things to do in Brisbane.

Brisbane is Australia’s fastest-growing city. This vibrant town is best known for its abundance of outdoor activities and proximity to the iconic Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the best Brisbane has to offer.

Whether you’re into city life, museums, zoos or beach activities, there’s something for everyone in Brisbane.

If you’re ready to add some fun activities to your Brisbane itinerary, let’s get started!

1. See Koalas in Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

One of the most popular things to do in Brisbane is to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It is a unique opportunity to see koalas, kangaroos, wombats and wallabies up close!

The best part?

You are allowed to get really close to the animals, think: interacting with kangaroos, feeding wallabies and koala hugs!

2. Get a photo with the Brisbane sign

It is the ultimate tourist thing to do, but head to South Bank to take a photo with the colourful Brisbane sign. It is one of the most iconic views of the city, with the shiny glass skyscrapers of the CBD in the background.

The sign lights up at night, so don’t worry if you can’t make it during the day!

3. Rent a boat and cruise down the Brisbane river

You don’t need a boating licence to rent a small electric boat and cruise down the Brisbane river.

Different operators offer this experience, and you can rent a boat for 1-3 hours and enjoy a delicious picnic on board as you admire the city from a unique perspective. The boats fit up to 8 people so it is a fun activity to bring all your friends along!

4. Watch the sunrise from Mt Coot-tha

Mt Coot-tha is one of the best spots to watch the sunrise over Brisbane. Start your hike an hour before sunrise to make sure you reach the peak as the sun starts to rise over the city.

The hike is not too challenging, with the trail to the summit being about 5km return, and a total of 200m elevation gain. The Mt Coot-tha sunrise trek is one of the best free things to do in Brisbane.

5. Visit Australia Zoo

Another animal-related activity in Brisbane, but if you should visit any Zoo in the world, it should be Australia Zoo in Brisbane.

The Zoo was founded by Steve Irwin’s (of The Crocodile Hunter series fame) parents with a vision of making it the world’s biggest and best wildlife conservation facility. Today, it is Australia’s largest zoo, and you can spend hours walking around and learning about wildlife.

It is so big that many choose to spend two days here, so that they have time to explore everything!

6. Discover Brisbane National Parks

The area around Brisbane is every nature lover's dream! The Brisbane area is home to 12 national parks and numerous state parks. It is safe to say that Brisbane’s untouched nature will leave you breathless.

Depending on how much time you have in Brisbane, it is good to know that the closest national park to the city is D'Aguilar National Park. Fort Lytton National Park and Venman Bushland National Park are also within an hour from the city centre.

If you head further south, Springbrook National Park is definitely worth a visit. There are lots of great lookouts, waterfalls and swimming holes!

7. Discover Aboriginal culture

Make your way to Beenleigh Historical Village and Spirits of the Red Sand cultural centre to get an insight into all aspects of Aboriginal life in pre-European Australia.

This immersive experience will show you what it was like to live in an Aboriginal village; complete with traditional stories and a delicious 3-course meal.

8. Go to the beach

There’s no shortage of swimming opportunities in Brisbane. Located between two of Australia’s most popular beach cities, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, Brisbane is surrounded by stunning, white sand beaches.

However, you don’t need to leave the city when you fancy a dip. Streets Beach in Southbank is an iconic spot - Australia’s only inner-city, man-made beach!

9. Kayak in Brisbane river

Calm Brisbane river is perfect for joining a kayak tour for a different type of city tour. Riverlife Adventure Centre has one of the best-rated tours, which are beginner friendly with helpful and informative guides.

Alternatively, you can rent a kayak for a couple of hours and explore on your own.

10. Climb the Clock Tower

Climbing the Clock Tower is another tourist activity that is simply a “must-do” in Brisbane. The Clock Tower tour is free, but you have to book your time slot in advance.

The Tower was the highest building in Brisbane until 1960, and it offers a stunning panoramic view of the city to this day. Also, it is home to Australia’s oldest working cage lift.

11. Watch a rugby game at Suncorp Stadium

Rugby league is the most popular sport in Brisbane. If you’re visiting Brisbane during rugby season, do as the locals do and head to the Suncorp Stadium to watch a game.

Brisbane Broncos are the local rugby team playing in the first-class rugby league, and their colours are maroon and gold, so wear something appropriate to support the locals!

Brisbane has many art galleries, but modern art lovers will enjoy The Queensland Art Gallery and the adjacent Gallery Of Modern Art the most. The Gallery has an impressive collection of more than 16,000 historical, modern and contemporary works of art.

The best part is: entry to QAGOMA is free!

13. Try rock climbing

Brisbane has numerous indoor and outdoor climbing spots for those who aren’t afraid of heights! While you could say all indoor climbing sites look the same, outdoor climbing is something else entirely!

If you have never rock climbed before, you’ll want to join a tour. Kangaroo Point cliffs are one of the best spots to try!

14. Discover Brisbane Street Art

If you like street art, you’re in for a treat. Combine sightseeing with a hunt for the best street art in the city. You’ll see impressive murals covering the whole sides of a building, hidden pieces of art, and everything in between.

You can walk around to see what you run into or follow the Brisbane street art map. However, street art changes frequently, so you might not find what you’re after every time.

15. Go on a Story Bridge Adventure Climb

While we’re on the topic of climbing, have you ever climbed a bridge? Yes, you can even climb a bridge in Brisbane!

The climb experience lasts about two hours, including the safety demonstration and briefing. The highest point is about 80m above the ground, something to consider if you’re scared of heights.

The climb is especially popular at sunset, as the view is incredible!

16. Explore Brisbane Parks

Did you know there are over 2,000 parks in Brisbane? Regardless of where in Brisbane you’re staying, there must be a green space near you where you can relax and unwind.

Meet up with friends for a picnic, read a book in the shade or play football. The possibilities are endless!

17. Walk with the Llamas

You don’t need to take a trip to Peru to interact with these adorable animals. Take a day trip to Ottaba and visit the Ottaba Llama facility. It is a fantastic opportunity to hang out with these gentle animals and enjoy the countryside.

You can go for a walk on trails of different lengths, just interact with the animals or combine a llama walk with wine tasting.

18. Enjoy Brisbane nightlife

Experiencing the lively nightlife is definitely a fun thing to do in Brisbane. The bars and clubs in Brisbane are spread across both sides of the river, so you have plenty of options.

From fancy rooftop bars to dance clubs, live music concerts and laidback pubs, there is something for everybody in Brisbane.

Fortitude Valley is Brisbane’s main nightclub district, whereas the city and Southbank have more relaxed bars and live music.

19. Ride on the Wheel of Brisbane

Taking a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane is a chance to relax, as the wheel moves slowly. Enclosed gondolas are climatised, making for a great activity on a hot summer day.

The wheel goes around 5 times, so you get your money’s worth and multiple photo opportunities.

20. Go on a hike

Brisbane is the spot for outdoor enthusiasts, with numerous hiking trails within 20km of the city centre.

Hiking opportunities in Brisbane range from challenging multi-kilometre hikes like the Morelia walking track to Mt Nebo, to relaxing nature walks like the Poets Rock trail in Karawatha Forest.

If you prefer cycling, the Kedron Brook bikeway ride to Boondall Wetlands should be on your Brisbane itinerary!

21. Whale watching in Brisbane

If you visit Brisbane during the whale season, June to November, you can’t miss the opportunity to join a whale-watching tour. Brisbane's Moreton Bay is one of the best spots to see incredible humpback whales on their annual migration.

Most tours depart daily during the season, and you’ll get a unique opportunity to observe the whales, and if you’re lucky, they might come up to the boat to show off!

Summary: Fun Things To Do In Brisbane

Brisbane is the fastest-growing city in Australia, and there are seemingly endless fun activities to do here. While it isn’t the first choice for most tourists, it’s a great city with a lot of charm.

Discover stunning beaches around Brisbane, interact with animals or check out Australia’s biggest gallery of modern art. From outdoor activities to festivals, there is something for everyone in Brisbane.

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